LETTER: Address homeless issue with humanity

LETTER: Address homeless issue with humanity

I am responding to Mr. Bartholemew’s letter on the homeless that shocked me to my core. When we no longer care for one another we have no civil society left. And thinking because you pay taxes means you can have your ideology enforced is ignorant.

I understand it can be challenging to live near one of these camps, but can you just for one second imagine – please close your eyes and imagine – your life did not go the way it did and you ended up homeless. Does that make you worthless?

I personally made food a few years back for the homeless camp at the courthouse lawn at Christmas and I felt such happiness giving it, that it stays with me till this day. I brought oranges and apples and pillows, boots. I was received with so much gratitude it almost broke my heart I could not do more. I never felt afraid, I just felt helpless that I could not do more.

If we cannot see a human being as equal to us we really have nothing, and your taxes mean nothing. We need to care and help each other, not think these people are worthless. They are someone’s children.

What has happened to all of us? When we no longer care for each other the Earth dies.

I truly hope you can see these people as people, and be grateful for your life and that your hard work paid off, because everyday lots of people work very, very hard and still cannot get ahead. Please show compassion for your fellow man.

Dorothy Pearson