LETTER: Barrett leaves lasting legacy

LETTER: Barrett leaves lasting legacy

I was one of the regular “public” that took advantage of the invite to go to Dave Barrett’s celebration of life event at UVic’s Farquhar auditorium on March 3.

Although he was before my time, just from hearing of his accomplishments in the short time he spent as premier of our province was astounding. The SeaBus, Agricultural Land Reserve, Cypress Bowl Provincial Park, human rights. If that were not enough, a lady in the washroom reminded me it was Dave Barrett who took the coin dispensers down from the toilets in the washrooms.

He was definitely a man for and of the people of British Columbia and although I was too young to meet him personally, his vision, and that of his cabinet ministers, to work toward a better B.C. for everyone will live on in my mind. What an amazing legacy to leave us.

Thanks to all who organized that incredibly moving slide show, lined up the gifted speakers, and thank you Barrett family for sharing your husband and dad with us who made so many sacrifices in order to enrich our lives as British Columbians.

Rachel McDonnell