LETTER: Canadian gun culture not comparable to US

LETTER: Canadian gun culture not comparable to US

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The recreational shooting community here in Canada is simply not comparable to the gun culture in the USA which is bolstered by their constitutional right to bear arms. It’s a completely different outlook and philosophy on guns and their purpose. In Canada they are a hobby and owned for sport, not for protection from a individual or a tyrannical government.

Here in Canada, handguns are already banned from civilian ownership, with the exception of those who are vetted by the RCMP. Those who do own them are only allowed to take them from secure storage at home to a licenced range to shoot.

Unfortunately, the politicians have successfully diverted the public’s attention from the real issues of gangs with illegal guns and holes in our mental health system, both of which require a substantial increase in funding and resources to battle. Taking legal guns out of their locked safes will do nothing to keep illegal guns from getting across the unlocked border.

Marc Leduc