LETTER: Columnist’s attacks getting stale

LETTER: Columnist’s attacks getting stale

It is long past time for the Black Press to insist that Tom Fletcher changes the name of his column B.C. Views. I think “Tom’s Tedious Right Wing Rants” has a nice ring to it.

I do enjoy his column because it is important for democracy that anyone can state their opinions and one should always be open to listening. But B.C. Views? That’s just not fair or accurate. It’s so tiring to hear him refer to the Green Party as fringe again and again. Repeating things doesn’t make them true and when almost one in six people are voting for a party, they are not on the fringe.

Mr. Fletcher needs to open his mind a little more and realize that people are voting Green because they know that our environment is just as important as our economy. It is possible to have both things improve but there are always going to be growing pains.

Matt Taylor