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LETTER: Compromise needed in Wain Park pickleball dispute

(Black Press Media file photo)

Regarding the letter North Saanich pickleball court neighbours have right to peace and quiet: On the surface this letter appears to be reasonable, but here are some aspects that are not.

This person claims that his bedroom was right next to tennis courts where the players have lighting so they can play 24/7 and then goes on to say that facilities like tennis courts and pickleball courts should not be installed in public parks anywhere near houses.

This is an example of the all-or-nothing extremes. Wain Park for example has tennis courts and pickleball courts that are not right next to someone’s house. Yes, the play and laughter can be heard but it is also possible to limit the time of day that these facilities are used.

For example, one could limit the time from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or even noon. That is basically when most people play anyway. Surely that is not too much of an inconvenience to a few houses nearby? This option is a reasonable compromise, not the all-or-nothing policy currently promoted by council.

And why do a few nearby houses have so much power that they can cancel a valuable activity in a public park that hundreds of people enjoy?

Since when are parks supposed to be silent? Why do people have a problem with people enjoying themselves and laughing out loud?

Will they now cancel school playgrounds because the kids make too much noise?

It seems like we are in an era where compromise is not possible.

$170,000 has been invested in courts that are now useless because of a right to silence? These people who need quiet should move to the country.

Bill Boyd