Letter: Consider ‘housing first’ policy come election time

Letter: Consider ‘housing first’ policy come election time

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I would like to thank Bernie Pauly and Marilou Gagnon for their thoughtful column “Moving backwards on homelessness,” (Saanich News, Friday, Sept. 14).

Both women have worked extensively with people experiencing homelessness and they understand the need for the Housing First policy to be implemented immediately rental supplements, tiny houses, modular housing. There is no need for further study. People need somewhere to live where they can feel safe. My understanding is that shelters do not provide safety as they are overcrowded, and people with companion animals are not allowed.

No one chooses homelessness. I hear people talk about “the cost,” however, this is nowhere near the cost of emergency medical treatment and /or repeated 911 calls. Forcing people to move around night after night is not a solution and it will not end the need for affordable housing. With the municipal elections coming up on Oct. 20, I hope those who have chosen to run for office will give the Housing First policy some serious attention.

Lucy Bashford,