LETTER: Delay only compounds homeless situation

LETTER: Delay only compounds homeless situation

Instead of moving at a snail’s pace to address homelessness, Saanich council needs to start functioning as a progressive solutions-driven body.

Look at Prince Rupert. In November 2017 a tent city appeared in Prince Rupert. In July 2018 a building permit for modular housing was approved and later this fall, housing with support services is expected to open in Prince Rupert.

In 2016 the Gorge Tillicum Community Association presented council with a report looking at the issues of homelessness. At that time council could have started the process to find solutions to homelessness by working with the community and begin looking for land for supportive housing. It would have at least shown commitment and determination to deal with homelessness and perhaps prevented what is now Regina Park tent city.

Saanich council should have acted on that report. Unfortunately, it didn’t and Saanich council has now found itself faced with a situation that apparently is going to impact Saanich’s ability to manage its budgets.

Saanich council, you should have listened to your community.

Christina Mitchell