LETTER: Greater Victoria governance needs an overhaul

I have long questioned the need for so many mayors and councillors in Greater Victoria. If you add up just the eight municipalities that include Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Esquimalt, Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, and the Highlands, you have eight mayors and 48 councillors for a population of roughly 311,000 people.

The structure of local government in Greater Victoria needs to be abolished. For example, the City of Toronto has one mayor and 25 councillors with a population of 2.93 million people. Calgary has one mayor and 14 councillors with a population of 1.5 million people.

It is the responsibility of the provincial government to straighten out this mess that is the local government structure within Greater Victoria. The cost of facilities and support staff is way out of hand, and we need to stop the waste of taxpayer dollars being spent on local government and put those dollars to better use.

Henry Fox