LETTER: Housing is a human right

LETTER: Housing is a human right

It’s atrocious people are heartless enough to push Regina Park’s tent residents back to the winds of greed.

“Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father.” John 5:22-23a.

That commonly translates to “Jesus has walked a mile in our shoes.”

I’m fortunate. My birth lottery put me into a landlord family through inheritance. Through no useful work of our own we’ve exploited (demanded “rent” from “tenants” for we “landlords” – all sanitized capitalist words) to the tune of more than a million dollars over the property’s absentee ownership period of more than half a century.

The sum total of all the world’s landlords exploiting tenants leads to one inevitable outcome – homelessness for some of the property-less. From Bangladesh to Victoria it can be no other way.

I give some of my profits to “worthy charities.” But that’s stolen wealth from tenants no matter what you want to call it.

Sure, I could hand the whole thing over to the current tenants, to whom I am as fair as possible – I derive no frivolous material consumption benefit from them. How will that change the system that deprives hundreds of millions more?

Power to Regina Park tent/Namegans Camp residents for having the courage to stay put until a hopefully humane government gives them the quality housing that is their birthright.

Evicting them a moment too soon is nothing less than fascist. Until housing is a legal right there will be increasing poverty and crisis.

Larry Wartels