LETTER: Letters strike a chord with reader

LETTER: Letters strike a chord with reader

Three letters from your readers, and both my wife and I agreed with all three, amazing coincidence, I think not, more likely a common sentiment among many of us out here. We have both worked all our lives, earned everything we have and there were no free rides, if you want or need it you must work and sacrifice to get it, we too were taught it was not somebody else’s responsibility to provide for us. Don’t miss understand, we are fortunate not only to have this attitude but have thus far dodged any major heath issues so far which allows us to stay true to our beliefs.

So “A tale of two attitudes”, adversity is everywhere, it is not easy for most but what you do in its face defines what happens afterward, given reasonable health and expectations and a little hard work and perseverance most would be amazed of what can be accomplished!

“Vandalism on history”, so true and so unfortunate that there are those that believe that by erasing what happened before us, all will be right with the world, a famous quote goes like this, ‘those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’, John A Macdonald was not perfect but he did many other great things, removing his statue to placate others also removes an important part of history for all of to remember.

“Couple’s money goes up in smoke”, this is a very expensive indulgence, at a pack a day per person this could amount to over $800 per month, not to mention the health implications, it amazes me that anybody continues to smoke, especially those that can least afford it! Individuals, couples and families operating on a tight budget you must decide what is important and what is not, we do it everyday and regularly scrutinize those hidden costs, you would be amazed how much money is wasted and how their elimination can improve your life.

Al Sherwood