LETTER: Oil exports fueling Russian invasion

Over many years the world has allowed Russia to become a leading energy exporter, sending massive amounts of oil and gas to all parts of the world, but particularly to Europe, the EU and, even to the U.S. Countries such as Germany, in fact, are giving up on nuclear power, believing in a world of peace, so they could rely on renewables and natural gas from Russia.

They, and others, are now recognizing the futility of those decisions.

Indeed, the wealth from fossil fuel exports continues as a result of mainly Europe’s dependence and is fueling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We have environmentalists and some politicians who want to abandon Canada’s resources, treating our energy producers like criminals, when the fact is that Canada produces the most ethically produced fossil fuels in the world, and is spending billions on CO2 capture and clean energy.

Canada has world-leading massive amounts of oil and natural gas and rather than listening to the outrageous bleating of the mostly foreign supported environmentalists, we should be supporting our own energy requirements, and those of Europe and beyond.

Whenever Prime Minister Trudeau meets with G 7 or European leaders, he should be promising, with their financial support, to spend the billions required to develop our resources and build the pipelines and the marine transport required to secure their long-term energy future.

We need to replace Russia’s oil and gas exports – and fast.

And we should stop genuflecting to environmental activists. The world has changed before our very eyes.

H.J. Rice