Twitter Poll run June 23-24

Twitter Poll run June 23-24

Letter: Others are also thinking of a ‘Sexit’

Letter writer sees hope that others are thinking of Sexit, or Saanich exit from the CRD

I, too, have been watching how these folks at the Capital Regional District have become so bureaucratic, debt-ridden, profligate and ineffective in just about every section they delve into.

I was wondering if I was the only one (thinking of a Saanich exit from the CRD, or Sexit) who noticed this and can be comforted in a small way in knowing that others have been wondering the same thing.

(Editor note: on June 24, as a bit of fun following Brexit, the Saanich News hosted a Sexit poll on Twitter.)

Lucille RossSaanich


Time for Sexit? (from July 5)



The time for Saanich to opt out of the CRD is long overdue. The bumbling, profligate, unelected, debt ridden, bureaucratic organization bears a strong resemblance to Brussels.

Perhaps the mayor could call a referendum.

Anthony RoseSaanich