Letter perpetuates myth

Global temperatures have continued to increase over the last 15-20 years

Regarding the “Where is the warming?” letter to the editor in the Dec. 16 Saanich News, the idea that the Earth isn’t warming is based on a myth constantly touted by climate change denialists. This isn’t a charge leveled at the actual writer of the letter; there is so much disinformation on the Internet and in the media that it’s very easy to be misled.

The idea that we are in the middle of a hiatus has always been considered wrong for the most part, and was in fact definitively shown to be wrong within the past year in a study published in the journal Science.

Temperatures have continued to increase over the last 15-20 years. In fact, the last 15 years have shown increases on average that are slightly more than the half century prior. No it’s still not very fast, but it is constant. There is no climate change debate anymore. None.

Even just a few minutes spent reading the actual science literature shows this clearly. People picking at loose strings in hopes of unraveling some great conspiracy aren’t going to get anyone anywhere at this point. There is no conspiracy, we know it’s happening for a fact, and continuing to deny it at this point not only serves to hurt ourselves, but also our children, grandchildren, and our hopes of continued civilization.

Mike Kossey