LETTER: Political correctness gone too far

LETTER: Political correctness gone too far

This might upset some people. They may be offended. That’s OK, this is just what the delicate flowers on social media need. A reality check.

You’ve become too politically correct. You don’t want to say how you really feel and just follow popular opinion. You try to tip toe around issues in fear of offending someone or some minority group. You get offended too easily. If someone doesn’t agree with your views, you get upset. You unfriend them or unfollow them on social media because you’ve been conditioned to be weak.

Time for a wake-up call. If you live your life in fear of offending someone, you may as well be a mute. Just be sheep and follow the herd.

I am tired of this political correctness nonsense and trying to appease anyone or any group who comes along and feels they have the right to change something to make them feel better. The world doesn’t change for you. Go do something productive.

While I’m here, I may as well give my views on a couple things and offend some of you.

Tent City – To all you sympathetic supporters, open your backyard and adopt one of these residents. All you keyboard warriors sitting in your comfy couches removed from the situation talk the talk, but let’s see you walk the walk. And Mr. Atwell, what kind of mayor must go to court to enforce his own bylaws? Perhaps your replacement next election will have the grapefruits you lack.

Removal of Sir John A. Macdonald Statue – Disgraceful. That’s the only was to describe it and a great example of political correctness gone too far. Should we also change the city name from Victoria to something else? I mean after all, it is offensive to some because it’s not inclusive and too feminine. What a joke.

My message is clear. Stop getting offended or be fearful of offending someone. Speak your mind and live life on your terms. Don’t let society condition you to have a weak mind and most importantly, elect those in office who can think logically and have an IQ of over 100.

Brodie Bizzle