LETTER: Politicians have lost touch

LETTER: Politicians have lost touch

The writer of the letter ‘We get what we tolerate’ pretty well nails it – as long as the bureaucrats and politicians know we’ll tolerate their agendas and pet projects they will force them on us.

Coun. Susan Brice, with her latest push to ban plastic bags, is one of the worst. She seems to know how to do interviews so she can convince people that what she’s pushing is right, and the belief of many other people when it’s not.

Politicians know that in general people will moan and groan about things they don’t like or want but will let it all settle down in a few days – this is what they count on and we accommodate them.

In regards to plastic bags, if Saanich bans them, I will simply do my shopping in Colwood and encourage others to do the same.

Politicians have long ago forgotten that they work for us, and instead work for their own projects, and I agree that we should vote for the ones that have our interests at heart.

Donna Mason