LETTER: Pollution’s cost can’t be avoided

LETTER: Pollution’s cost can’t be avoided

It seems many Canadians have made piece with the fact that wildfires, floods and vicious storms are the new norm and and whether it has to do with global warming or not is unsure. The oil industry shows an ad on TV where they suggest that the doubled oil pipe is not transporting more oil — it will just flow faster. Really? Do they think the public is stupid enough to swallow that? Obviously yes or they are just not interested. I have not heard one voice against that ridiculous statement.

We hear warnings about the dying of fish because rivers and the oceans are getting too warm. Crops are failing, food will get scarce. Buildings and livestock burn. People lose everything they worked so hard for. Our world is polluted and migration will have a big impact on the first world.

Many people will be affected — only the very rich who look for more and more profits and act with impunity, supported by our politicians, escape the grim fate which will affect for sure our grandchildren.

Trying to get rid of the carbon tax in Ontario is more proof of how politicians try to gain votes, no matter the cost. Integrity — a word, some people have no idea what it means.

Karin Hertel