LETTER: Premier renegs on promises

LETTER: Premier renegs on promises

Stupid me! Did I really believe that Premier Horgan would keep his promises? First he approved of going ahead with the Site C Dam. Even though the Doomsday Clock has moved closer to disaster, he now he flirts with LNG even though he was mighty against it before election. This energy is the worst climate changer, making B.C. into one of the biggest polluters. We shall see how the Kinder Morgan pipe line will eventually finish up, Mr. Trudeau’s caving in. Another man who turns however the wind blows.

On top of it he now wants to lure those energy companies with the gift of no or very low taxation. There is the small earner who diligently pays his dues, even though it hurts. Should there not be an effort to close the big holes in our social net and help the disadvantaged? Our health care system is desolate. I am waiting to see an eye specialist already for 8 month and hove not got a date yet. It’s like living in a third world country. Just about everything what we need has become more and more expensive and almost unreachable, like purchasing a house which only a few years ago was a normal event for almost every family. Going into debt for big projects seems more palatable than putting more money into the wellbeing of our people.

The next huge project might be the Fraser river bridge which would be needed for those big tankers to get LNG to market. A second tunnel would be cheaper and might be built to withstand an earthquake as well and would not have such a big impact on the land. There are big interests pushing and pulling and we shall see how it proceeds. Big business is getting greedier and greedier and our government supports them because of labour, not looking at the cost of repairing the global warming disasters.

I am also very disappointed in Mr. Weaver’s attitude. Big words, no substance and no spine. It’s all about staying in power, integrity lost in the process.

Karin Hertel