LETTER: Preserve Hydro land as park

LETTER: Preserve Hydro land as park

Protecting the BC Hydro lands being used as a park and affordable housing go hand in hand.

The 5.5-acre parcel of land locaated between the 1800 block of Kings and Haultain in Saanich is a surplus of land for BC Hydro, but its loss would be a deficit for Saanich. We cannot afford to lose any more green space.

The Hydro land is zoned for housing development and that needs to change. We are facing a housing crisis, and we need density to solve it, but green space is what makes density vibrant and livable. As our population grows and our suburban neighborhoods densify, we will need more green space, not less. So let us protect the Hydro lands as park for future generations. As for the housing crisis, let us stick to building on places we have already paved over.

We need to protect our parkland while we strive to build a better Saanich, for everyone.

Zac de Vries