LETTER: Proportional representation a more democratic system

LETTER: Proportional representation a more democratic system

I’m responding to the letter by Ian Malcomson. I’m not saying ‘nothing else has worked,’ why not give proportional representation a chance? If you actually read my letter it was suggesting that PR is more representative of all the people’s votes and does not give majority governments to parties that only acquired 35-40 per cent of the the vote. PR is not a ‘righteous choice’, it is a viable alternative to first past the post voting.

I’m not guilty of anything other than wanting a more democratic form of voting and governance in B.C. When he refers to ‘her party’ I assume he’s referring to the Green Party which I didn’t vote for in the last election. He goes on to say, ‘now that the situation has changed, she wants the election situation “rigged” in order to guarantee a permanent coaliton of the left’

This is very manipulative language. In no way do I want the election system rigged. I want the voting system to actually represent all of the people that voted, including you Mr. Malcomson, and any others that choose to vote for the status quo, first past the post. The ‘questionable proof’ you’re alluding to isn’t questionable! New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland all have Proportional Representation as their voting systems. They are fully functioning countries where the value of a truly representative government has been a benefit for the citizens. Google it.

Mr. Malcomson misses the point completely when he states, ‘what she proposes would be a long-standing deal that links two parties together to shut out the third one.’ Does he mean like when Christy Clark’s ‘Liberals’ had a majority and shut out the NDP and Greens? PR isn’t about party partisan politics, its about true democracy where every vote counts. Research it and in Nov. vote for the system that you feel more represented by in the legislature. I, for one and hopefully many others, will be voting for PR.

Also, I find it interesting that the Saanich News choose to print two letters that are pro-first past the post and none to support proportional representation? Maybe they could take a more balanced approach to covering this very important issue that will be voted on by mail out ballot come November. Make sure to vote.

Marilyn Goode