LETTER: Proportional representation strips away undeserved power

LETTER: Proportional representation strips away undeserved power

Letter writer Mike Pankhurst (Aug 8) urges readers to “Think carefully before supporting PR”, as if his support of false majority First Past the Post governance represents the only true thought. His accusation about having a wider spectrum of voices in the legislature whose “commitment to democratic values is uncertain” reveal his fear-mongering.

Proportional Representation governance gives power to voters, and the resulting cooperation of parties causes politicians to be accountable to a true majority of voters, unlike what we have now. This democratic change may indeed provide more stable governance and less policy lurch (“throwing the bums and their policies out”) after an election, creating a healthy climate for long-range planning by business as well as by government and citizens.

Look at who is saying “no” to Pro Rep, and see what they have to lose: undeserved power. Voters do not lose under Pro Rep, no matter which proposed system is chosen. Those who still hesitate can rely on having two election cycles of PR experience, followed by an opportunity to return to FPTP voting if they are not satisfied. There’s a lot of value in voting “yes” to Proportional Representation.

Constance More