LETTER: Proportionally representative governments ineffective

LETTER: Proportionally representative governments ineffective

It appears that the questionnaire which we were asked to return by Feb. 28 has failed to produce the result that the NDP/Green coalition government had anticipated.

I recently received an automated telephone call inviting me once more to express my preference of future voting systems in B.C by pressing one for ‘first past the post,’ two for ‘proportional representation’ or three for ‘don’t know or undecided.’

I pressed one and repeatedly did so in the hope that it continued to record my absolute contempt for what is obviously a blatent attempt to rig future provincial elections in favour of a Green-tinged NDP government.

We have to begin to realize that all over the world democracy is under attack. Often in extremely insidious ways. Proportionally representative governments elsewhere have shown themselves to be remarkably ineffective and with the many diverse interests that would demand a voice in a multi-representative B.C. Legislature the Tower of Babel would by comparison seem like the smoking room of a London club.

Perhaps, if it can be demonstrated to the courts that this expensive caper was concocted to gain electoral advantage at the next provincial opportunity, the substantial costs of this extravaganza will have to be set against those permitted by law for both the parties involved and their candidates at the next election or byelection?

Ralph Smith