LETTER: Put taxpayers before tent city

LETTER: Put taxpayers before tent city

I read Steven Marshall’s letter, Opposition to tent city doesn’t make you a bigot, and couldn’t agree more. What he said was right on. Just because we don’t agree with these people – many of whom just have no use for society, just throwing up a tent city wherever they want – doesn’t make us bigots, racist, hateful or any of the bad things the advocates of this lifestyle try to make us.

Listening to the arrogant, self-righteous advocates makes me so angry – they are professionally trained agitators, plain and simple. Most people work hard for what they have, pay taxes and obey the law, unlike many in that homeless camp, and we have rights too.

Saanich needs to stop giving those two particular advocates the stage they thrive on and get rid of the camp. Pay attention to the taxpaying citizens.

Donna Mason