LETTER: Raccoons deserve respect

LETTER: Raccoons deserve respect

Regarding the July 25 article concerning the Ten Mile Point resident and his perceived “problem” with raccoons.

Raccoons, like any other animal, have every right to live out their lives without harassment, and worse, from humans. These intelligent, curious and playful creatures are indigenous to this continent, and like any other animal, require shelter, sustenance and a place to roam and raise their young. Why would we deny them that? What makes humans so special that gives us permission to threaten and interfere with the lives and well-being of these and other animals living within the urban environment?

People say that raccoons are “aggressive” when in fact they are simply defending their nurseries from mostly human interference.

People say that their children and cats are at risk? Really? Teaching your children to respect animals and their ways of being in the world will go along way to protecting them from any perceived threat.

It is we humans who are the threat, the aggressors, and the despoilers of our own home. And where I live, cats and raccoons peacefully co-exist: why-oh-why can’t we do the same?

M.L. Leidl