LETTER: Time to face the truth on climate change

LETTER: Time to face the truth on climate change

How bad does it have to get before we do something about the climate problems that are threatening our very existence. We don’t need information from scientists; we only have to observe the frequent reports of floods, fires, increasingly intense storms, melting ice, environmental refugees, broken social and economic systems, acidifying oceans, and on and on.

In 1940, faced with invasion, Churchill encouraged Britons to resist, but he was honest and warned of the sacrifices involved. They made the sacrifices and survived. We don’t have a Churchill to lead the way, and our corporate-influenced governments often mislead the public. Therefore, it is up to us.

We need to take personal responsibility and realize that we cannot go on exploiting the planet for our own convenience and pleasure. Humans are intelligent and resourceful. People of good will, working together and individually, can envision and create a better world. We owe it to young people and future generations to make sacrifices if we are to avoid environmental and social collapse.

I would like to see this newspaper provide space where people can share ideas for reducing their environmental footprint? We would all benefit from each other’s creativity, and your newspaper would be creating a valuable service.

There is hope if we face the truth and take action now.

Shelagh Levey