LETTER: Values are key to municipal election

LETTER: Values are key to municipal election

Slate or not, what really matters in the forthcoming Saanich municipal election is solid values for human life.

Voters won’t get that from politicians who campaign as reformers then shill for entrenched interests like the misleadingly named Council of Canadians, which invited an agricultural terrorist from France to speak to its convention.

Voters won’t get that from hypocritical activists who try to block human use of land today by forcing preservation of a vegetation configuration created by humans several centuries ago – ‘Garry oak meadows’. Their mentality is based on a very negative view of humans, they evade what humans create for life.

Voters won’t get that from councillors who support the stumbling profligacy and unethical behaviour of Saanich’s present staff, such as the computer fiascos, bloated planning reports, and conflict of interest of writing the guidelines for review of their own work and manipulating the results.

No one in the present council is impressive in my experience.

I am not running for election, rather I promote sound values, which I enunciate at www.moralindividualism.com/candelec.htm. Crucial is protection of individuals from initiation of force. At the municipal level that is policing, yet the present council is too cheap to do that, one member specifically objects to funding, as he wants to spend the money on his pet projects.

Keith Sketchley