LETTER: Vandalism on history

LETTER: Vandalism on history

As a Canadian and former Victoria and Saanich resident, I am deeply saddened by the act of vandalism on Canadian history perpetrated by a handful of self-selected and mostly un-elected members of the Victoria ‘city family’.

To paraphrase Jay-Z’s sad and profound video ‘The History of O.J.,’ in Canada and elsewhere, there is no white history, no red history, no black history, no indigenous history, no rich history, no poor history, there is just history. Local politicians can try and change history but it is there, no matter what they try to do. Couching any individual or any other identifiable group as as victimizer or victim does nothing more than divide us and takes us away from the intended reconciliation.

Regarding the mayor of Victoria’s future after the Macdonald statue removal, Ms. Helps can look forward to completing her doctorate in history starting immediately after the next municipal election as she will have lots of free time. Perhaps she may consider an defendable thesis: Why local politicians can’t (and shouldn’t try to) win culture wars.

Clay Atcheson

North Vancouver