Longer spring break can be problematic for some families

Re: Two years in, few complaints about two-week spring break (News, March 11)

I read with some surprise the comments of Tom Ferris that the change from a one-week spring break to a two-week spring break has been met with little negative feedback and was “well-received.”

Having four grandchildren in the school system, I do know that the parents of these kids are not too happy with the extension. There may be a number of parents who see it as an opportunity to take a winter holiday with the kids – those in the financial position to do so – but most folks scurry to find adequate, safe places for their kids to hole up until they are back to school. (This is another sad statement regarding society’s reliance on two incomes, rather than allowing one parent to be home with their kids as required). This placing of one’s kids into a program is costly to the people who can probably least afford it and yet they have few, if any, alternatives.

Mr. Ferris’ comments that the extended time off was related to general winter maladies is malarkey at its finest. If you are sick you will take the time off school whenever the ailment presents itself.

On top of Pro-D days every month (always on a Friday or Monday, you will note) it is no wonder our kids don’t really get a chance to take in some serious learning while in the school system.

In another vein, the surprise that little resistance registered at the school board is really not much of a surprise at all.

Many people have just given up trying to buck the system that dictates what is going down no matter what the people say about it. They are busy trying to stay afloat and know that when all is said and done they must have a place to put the kids till school resumes.

Complacency leads to control of the masses and I fear that is exactly what is being achieved at the present time in all aspects of our lives. You ain’t seen nothing in the form of control yet!

M. Blainey