Neighbourhood deserves resident only parking

University of Victoria vehicles clogging up parking spots in Gordon Head neighbourhood

I can add to the observations of those calling for resident only parking in the area around UVic because I live on Edgelow Street.

I see people pull skateboards out of their vehicles and skateboard to UVic; I see UVic marked vehicles pulling up around parked cars to drop employees off at the end of their shift; I see UVic marked vehicles pulled up around parked cars to take or put something into their personal vehicle; I see vehicles park beside or close to fire hydrants.

It seems certain vehicles always try to park in the same spot every morning, making it look like they are residents of Edgelow which they are not.

I didn’t know about the council meeting or I would have attended to add my views.  I complained to the municipality about this parking problem about two years ago but they told me they had not received enough complaints.  They told me to either back my car into my driveway or I can start a petition to get “residents only” signs on my street.

If I backed my car into my driveway, it’s just as dangerous as backing out of my driveway because of the vehicles around and possible school kids, pedestrians and bikes going down the sidewalk as I try to back my car into my driveway.  It’s a matter of taking my chance when I come out or drive in.

Yes, we have a big parking problem on Edgelow. I’m sure there’s enough pay parking at UVic to accommodate all these cars. All other streets around us have “residents only” parking signs, it’s not fair to us.  We pay the same percentage of municipal taxes as them.  Enough is enough. Let’s get these “residents only” parking signs up.

Norman Loy