Paper’s position on pot is irresponsible

Re: Time for a change to B.C. pot laws (Our View, Nov. 9)

Re: Time for a change to B.C. pot laws (Our View, Nov. 9)

Research and discovery of the harms associated with the use of crude smoked marijuana continues to implicate cannabis as a causative factor in the development of mental illnesses among users of marijuana, particularly schizophrenia and psychosis.

For community leaders, current and former government officials, newspaper editors, and others to consider promoting a public policy that reduces the restrictions on distributing marijuana with implications that it is not a harmful and addictive drug, creates an obligation to perform due diligence before promoting or endorsing such a position.

There exists an abundance of studies and research supporting the harms of marijuana, as well as sufficient historical data.

Keep in mind that of the 13 U.S. states that have passed legislation or ballot initiatives allowing marijuana for alleged medical use, eight of those states are ranked in the top ten states for past month marijuana use by persons aged 12 or older.

And of those same 13 states, eight are rated in the top 10 with the lowest perception of risk in using marijuana among persons aged 12 or older.

Ken Lane