Political rhetoric plentiful

Political rhetoric plentiful

B.C. voters are being subjected to the most manipulative political rhetoric as Premier Christy Clark explains her political philosophy in the debates and on the campaign trail.

She says she believes in smaller government and less taxes. She smiles reassuringly and says she will put more money in our pockets and that we know how to spend that money better than the government. What all of this amounts to is simply cynical coded political language.

What she means by smaller government is her agenda to privatize more and more government services. These include medical and health, long-term care for seniors and public education, to name a few.

While the large corporations Ms. Clark supports will reap huge benefits from tax cuts, ask yourself this question: How far will the few hundred dollars that average taxpayers may save go when they have to start paying for MRIs and CAT scans; when they have to help support an aging parent in a long-term care facility; when they have to start paying for text books and sports equipment in our schools?

When government doesn’t provide services then private business steps in and anything you save in taxes evaporates tenfold.

Andy Ruszel