Refinery could keep fuel dollars in B.C.

Re: Oil refinery proposed for Kitimat (News, Aug. 22)

Re: Oil refinery proposed for Kitimat (News, Aug. 22)

As a non-user of petroleum (I make my own biodiesel) I have long argued that the first stage of action against the petroleum industry is not buying it.

More than 80 per cent of gas and diesel are imported from Alberta, and almost 100 per cent of the five per cent mandated renewable content is imported from the U.S.

That’s billions of dollars fleeing the province, which is not good for B.C.’s trade balance or deficit. If David Black is talking about refining fuel to sell within B.C., I almost think I would support the proposal wholeheartedly.

My logic is: B.C. citizens are already burning billions of litres of this toxic stuff, but all the money goes out of province.

At the very least we could make the poison here and at least keep the energy money internal.

But this is a separate issue from the pipeline.

Should the Enbridge threat go through, a refinery making fuel for use within B.C. would still mean that much crude would not be shipped to the coast and onto our waters.

Kenji Fuse