Report lets others in on Saanich’s secret

Saanich rated best place to live on Vancouver Island

It’s news that shouldn’t come as a surprise to Saanich residents, as it’s something we’ve known for years.

Saanich was recently named as the best place to live on Vancouver Island.

An annual report from MoneySense magazine found Saanich topped the list of Island entries among 219 communities across the country based on 35 separate categories including amenities, income, weather and affordability. Saanich was rated 13th overall in Canada, well ahead of the next highest Vancouver Island community, Comox. Ottawa was named the top city in the country and West Vancouver (seventh) was the highest rated city in B.C.

Saanich scored among the top 25 per cent of Canadian cities in employment, access to health care, arts and sports opportunities, and crime rate. It finished in the top 10 cities overall for ease of access to walking, biking and transit.

It also received recognition as a great place for new Canadians, finishing sixth in the country in that respect. Employment, apartment rental costs, and an existing immigrant population of 17 per cent were cited as factors.

“While we can’t gauge many of the elements that people enjoy in their cities, the nearness of family, the friendliness of neighbours or even great sunsets, we have measured what can be measured and compared what can be compared,” according to report author Mark Brown.

The desirable qualities that make Saanich a special place are no secret (why do you think we live here?). But hearing it from others always serves to validate the opinions of our neighbours and is a significant source of community pride. And if it happens to bring in a few newcomers to stop by at our stores and beaches, that’s just another positive development. And we’ll be glad to show them what they’ve been missing.