Sewage plant too rich

Seawater is too salty to drink and the sewage treatment plant can’t fix this

In 1816 the Coastal Salish were eating 100 per cent locally produced food.  Europeans, mostly relieved that the Napoleonic wars were over, were pottering around in sailboats. Neither the Salish nor the Europeans drank seawater because it was too salty.

In the last 200 years our population has grown, Saanich was incorporated and Richard Atwell was elected mayor.  In his column, Mayor Atwell asks why the CRD allowed the cost share for CRD taxpayers to rise to 40 per cent of the entire sewage treatment budget.  The project will end up costing at least a billion dollars.

Meanwhile the seawater is still too salty to drink. The sewage treatment plant can’t fix this. Why are we building the sewage treatment plant?

Robert Shepherd