Sorry, animals, for what humans have done

Letter to the editor

Some time ago I wrote a letter about how the way we treat animals reflects who we are. I stand by it wholeheartedly now more than ever.

The numerous atrocious episodes of animal cruelty add to the shameful slaughter of wildlife, often for no reason, or worse, for sheer entertainment and trophy purposes, with still no end in sight because of the vested interests of a tiny minority and related industry.

The Ministry of Environment is now asking for feedback from the public on new rules regarding the species at risk. At the same time, they say that not all species can be saved.

One day, likely not in the distant future, our government may say to British Columbians and the rest of the world that, unfortunately, the grizzly bear and other endangered wildlife could not be saved. And each one of us will be responsible for this crime because we did nothing to stop this senseless slaughter.

I feelĀ  the strong need to apologize to our innocent animals on behalf of the human race. I sometimes even wish that humans would just disappear from the face of the earth and give our planet back to the animals. In fact, I believe that Mother Earth would be much better off without us.

When we finally realize that nature is an extension of ourselves and is not there just to be exploited recklessly for our little selfish purposes, it may be too late for everybody.

Nabhraj Spogliarich