Traffic measures needed

Speed bumps and calming circle should be considered for Doncaster Drive

I just read a letter in the Saanich News regarding Doncaster Drive. A few years back I wrote to former mayor Frank Leonard regarding this stretch of road and the dangers of this area with regard to the parking near the pathway which leads down to the school.

I have lived right beside this pathway for many years and I agree with the letter writer in regards to how dangerous this narrow, steep road is. Many parents in this area use this pathway to take their children to and from school, as well many others from outside this area use this street to park on, then take their children down to the school since they don’t have to line up on the very busy roads around the school. As well there are numerous homes in our area that have multiple families (suites) that require parking on this street.

On occasion we witness some driving at far too high a rate of speed, after all speeding up and down hills does tend to happen.

What can we do? Well, clearly our road will not be widened, and we cannot support no parking for all. Posted speeds may help but in my opinion the best option of all is to do what was done in the 3300 and 3400 block of Doncaster, namely speed bumps and, if necessary, what we call a calming circle. As well, why not have a crosswalk right at the pathway?

Paul Gateley