U.S. jet noise complaints can still be reported

Re: Rumbling jets a bother, News (Jan. 23)

Re: Rumbling jets a bother, News (Jan. 23)

I live near Oak Bay village and we are experiencing the noise and vibration from the Whidbey  Island Growler aircraft, too.

Take a look at the maps on washingtonenvironmental-protectioncoalition.org. The article says the noise or decibel rating can be up to 150 decibels which is very destructive to human hearing unless special noise earmuffs are worn.

Your newspaper article was slightly wrong.

Public comments regarding environmental issues are being accepted by the US Air Force until Feb. 2.  See website citizensofebeysreserve.com/blog for further details.

If I am trying to rest, the noise is very noticeable.

The “regular” takeoffs and landings can be very noticeable depending on the weather.  The rumbling sounds like an earthquake when they are taking off.

Our Indigenous bands (especially Saanich peninsula and Sooke) and fishermen should be very concerned about our Orca and birds with these new tests.

They should be notified so they can have public input before the Feb. 2 deadline.

If the aircraft have no sound baffling, they need it above and beyond their exercises just south of us.

S. Rowntree

Oak Bay