Uber not getting a fair ride

There’s a mentality that thinks economic regulation laws work well for life

Saanich Coun. Fred Haynes claims Uber is unsafe, regurgitating the false claims of local taxi companies and others. But the cartel also has had issues regarding the behaviour of drivers.

Opponents of Uber emotionally believe something but cannot justify it. They keep trying harder instead of thinking about what they are doing. The answer to safety is policing, yet municipal councils in the Victoria area consistently spend on glitz, manipulative bureaucracy, and pet do-gooders instead of on their duty of protecting individuals. There’s a mentality that thinks economic regulation laws work well for life, Uber-bashers are in that category. Politicians  ignore that laws have to be enforced, which takes resources they aren’t willing to provide.

What is going on? Protectionism by established businesses favoured by the collective, including many attempts to block new entrants offering better service – that’s exploitation of customers. Note Victoria Coun. Ben Issit’s rant that Uber would be sucking profits out of Victoria, a city that lives on money coming in from elsewhere, when most of the revenue goes to drivers and their cars.

Who needs politicians who try to control individuals but refuse to fund police properly? Voters should decide on their own answer in time to develop responsible candidates for the municipal election two years from now.

Keith Sketchley