UVic expansion needs better traffic studies

Re: Queenswood future uncertain (News, April 1)

Neil Connelly has said the University of Victoria’s consultant “concluded that tripling the existing floor space on the site to 191,000 square feet wouldn’t result in a significant impact on traffic.”

In fact, Section 3 of the transportation consultant’s report concludes that 191,000 square feet (just 10 per cent of the site developed with three-storey buildings) would more than double the total Arbutus Road peak traffic to 900 vehicles per hour. This is the maximum peak traffic that could be accommodated on Arbutus Road prior to major road changes being required.

The UVic rezoning application seeks future buildings on more than half the site. UVic wants to avoid any building density restrictions and commits to only 25 per cent of the site for green space.

If development goes ahead under the rezoning as submitted, the transportation consultant’s analysis shows that horrendous traffic levels would result on Arbutus Road.

Saanich must insist on a comprehensive assessment of area-wide traffic impacts associated with a range of development densities on the Queenswood site. Then a development density must be set in the rezoning requirements that ensures reasonable and safe travel conditions for all users of the surrounding road network.

David Langley