Values are key to ending racism

Letter to the editor on Jewish cemetery vandalism and religious acceptance

Racism is a social pathology. Whenever it raises its ugly head we see diseased and sick people responsible.

It can be targeted at Jews, as happened at the Emanu-El Cemetery recently here in Victoria, or, it can aim at certain Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, First Nations people, or any identifiable group of people.

Who the victim is matters less than the fact that somebody allows his or her sickness to be displayed publicly.

They must stop, and perpetrators must be rehabilitated to respect the decency and core values at the heart of any civilized society.

That is the core tenant of the Victoria Multifaith Society – an organization of Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Unitarians, and First Nations people.

We abhor racism in all its many forms, and raise up core values central in all our faith traditions. Our intention and hope is to foster a more caring, compassionate and loving society, which can bridge differences with respect without giving licence to racism and intolerance.

We invite people of all spiritual traditions to join with us in this ongoing work.

Dale Perkins

Christian member of the board,

Victoria Multifaith Society