Voting will tip the balance

Consultation and details often lacking with District of Saanich

Re: J. Gordon’s letter “Details lacking from EDPA bylaw” on March 23. Welcome to how the district of Saanich operates.

Same with Mount Douglas Park’s Glendenning Road issue where management unilaterally imposed a parking ban, without any public consultation, and now a major post-ban parking review is being conducted. And Saanich will continue to operate this way until the people decide that enough is enough, and things need to be done differently.

But don’t look to a lawyer; look to the ballot box. You need to get those 2,200 residents out and vote. Only two more new councillors will tip the balance of council in favour of the people. At the last election, one of them won by only 30 votes; there’s enough people on my street to fix that.

So, circle the date November 2018. As previously said, it’ll be here in the blink of an eye.

Dave Poje