Why are people jaywalking anyway?

Re: Averting danger (News, April 8)

It’s good that someone erected a barrier against those irresponsible drivers who were endangering other people by driving across four lanes of traffic on Blanshard.

Unfortunately, Uptown is badly designed. A traffic light at that location was not an appropriate idea – proper layout of the development was. But now that the botched design has been built – duly approved by Saanich council – perhaps a traffic light would reduce the mess from jaywalkers being run over.

I ask who the jaywalkers are. How many are employees, eating or shopping outside of where they work, or using bus services on Blanshard (jaywalking across both sides of the street to get to or from the northbound stop)? It seems people are too lazy to walk a half block to Saanich Road, from which most people access Uptown anyway.

Keith Sketchley