Why should residents meter, when Hydro won’t monitor?

Re: Going Gaga over smart meters (B.C. Views, March 16)

B.C. Hydro really thinks we’re stupid, don’t they?

If one were to place an order for 1.8 million electro-mechanical meters, do you think there isn’t a company out there that would jump at the chance to fill that order? In all the Hydro failures I have had over the past 22 years, I have never seen a Hydro vehicle drive past my house, checking to see if the lights are on.

When I have phoned in, I get a message telling me that my area is currently experiencing a failure.

I have never, ever heard a generator going during these times, either. So do a few independently minded people have to screw it up for the masses? We have to spend a billion bucks because there are a few genies out there.

I shall be looking at Alberta as a future place of residence. B.C.’s getting scary.

Nick Johnson