Work disrupts setting

Removal of old concrete pad causes destruction at Mount Douglas Park

The point of this complaint is moot as the useless destruction to remove a completely innocuous old piece of concrete is already well underway, and by the number of trucks and workers, it is an expensive project indeed.

I spoke with someone in Saanich Parks and they informed me that they are removing the concrete at the request of the ‘Friends’ of Mount Doug Society. How sad.  While I get that the old concrete pad is not ‘natural’ to the park, neither is the monolith rock at the bottom, neither are the benches, the signage, and for that matter, neither is the paved road.  That little piece of concrete was not bothering anyone, but I will bet that many will be upset by the destruction required to remove it, and you should be too.  I heard from one of the workers that a crane will be brought in and trees removed so it can access the site.  And then landscaping will ensue. Landscaping? In a park? Is that natural?

I would be interested to know how long the block has been there.  You would have done well to celebrate its heritage and leave the natural park setting alone.  I walk there every day, and have been a Saanich taxpayer for 28 years.  I briefly belonged to the park society but was distressed by the focus on increasing the parking and altering the natural trails – all requiring tree removal.

The society needs to hold a meeting at that summit and feel ashamed of the damage and destruction they have instigated for a simple old concrete pad that bothered no one.

Deborah Bachand