Yoga the evolutionary way to handle booze

Re: Why smart people drink more… and stay up later too (News, May 20)

Evolutionary psychologist and Professor Martin Smith seemingly believes that “people higher in general intelligence” have evolved to the point of being able to better deal with special situations, from the effects of alcohol right up to natural disasters. He says “they’re not bothered by the strangeness of the alcohol experience.”

Not bothered? I ask this: how exactly do we cope with the experience of the insidious manifestation of natural disasters within our bodies; disasters being caused daily by the incessant injection of poisons from what we eat and drink? We’ve been successfully programmed, of course, to run to the pharmaceuticals, some of the biggest and baddest offenders of all.

Yogis are men and women who have evolved enough to be able to transcend the effect of such toxins, such poisons in their bodies. But this is a spiritual path, not one of blind belief. A path taken along a journey of, and into, higher consciousness, true high intelligence.

This is a channel of evolution I encourage Mr. Smith to explore using his theory that higher intelligence renders us better able to cope, even with disasters.

Seek the ever-present path through the “array of special situations” to our own yogic-self, always on its unfolding journey to higher consciousness.

Kathleen M. Sykes