Grade 12 Mount Douglas Rams senior basketball players Gabe Daubt

Grade 12 Mount Douglas Rams senior basketball players Gabe Daubt

All star ending for high school basketballers

Spectrum to host 2015 Vancouver Island Seniors Classic All-Stars basketball game

Saturday is likely the last competitive basketball game for Clayton Archibald as the Mount Douglas secondary student will play in the 2015 Vancouver Island Seniors Classic All-Stars basketball game Saturday (March 28).

The games are reserved for Grade 12 students only and are a chance to impress collegiate level coaches, such as head coach Scott Cuachon of the Camosun Chargers men’s team. Cuachon who will be coaching the South Island A team, which features Archibald and the Rams’ other selection, Gabe Daubt.

“I’m not planning on playing at college so this is probably my last (school) game,” Archibald said. “It was a nice surprise to be asked, I didn’t think I would wear the Rams’ colours again.”

Daubt, on the other hand, is wondering how intense the all-star games get as he has hopes of cracking the Chargers for next year.

“Daubt has the skills to play (PacWest) college, he’s got the game,” said Rams coach Chris Ball.

Tip off is 4:30 p.m. for the boys B game, 6:15 p.m. for the girls game and 8 p.m. for the boys A game.

The last time a Mount Doug Ram was named MVP of the boys A game was Frank Markovic in 1993. Mairina Frederiksen will represent Mount Doug on the South Island girls team.


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Seniors Classic All-Star Games, March 28, 2015 Spectrum School

2015 Vancouver Island Seniors Classic All-Stars



1 Morgan Roskelley AAA Oak Bay Guard2 Andrea Psotka AAA Oak Bay Guard3 Sophie Blandford AAA Stelly’s Guard4 Mairina Frederiksen AAA Mount Douglas Wing5 Sydney Reisig AAA Claremont Wing6 Rebecca Thompson AA Pacific Christian Wing7 Isla Swanwick AAA Belmont Wing8 Isabella Brown AAA Spectrum Post9 Lucy Skinner AAA Stelly’s Post10 Cassie Allen AAA Belmont Post11 Nora Junkin AAA Oak Bay Post12 Jill Thibault AAA Claremont Post

Coaches: Rob Kinnear AAA Oak Bay, Gary Baker AAA Spectrum

SOUTH BOYS “A” TEAMNO. NAME DIV SCHOOL POSITION1 Karsten Walters AAAA Claremont Guard2 Atlas St. Paul Butler AAAA Oak Bay Post3 Cole Haddock AA Lambrick Park Guard4 Harrison Archdekin AAA Parkland Forward5 Hakeem Jefferson AAAA Claremont Forward6 Gabe Daubt AAAA Mount Douglas Forward7 Jake Wilmott AA Saint Michael’s Guard8 Jack Wenstob AAAA Belmont Forward9 Matt Gray AAAA Oak Bay Guard10 Mike Zadravec AAA Reynolds Guard11 Jatin Chauhan AAAA Spectrum Forward12 Clayton Archibald AAAA Mount Douglas Guard

Coaches: Scot Cuachon Camosun College, Brandon Dunlop Camosun College



1 Spencer Kalsbeek AA Pacific Christian Guard2 Liam Finnigan AAAA Oak Bay Guard3 William Nguyen AAAA Spectrum Forward4 Alex Mayrhofer AAAA Oak Bay Guard5 Jacob Scully AA Saint Michael’s Forward6 Ben Goertzen AA Pacific Christian Forward7 Jonah Philip AAA Edward Milne Forward8 Lucas Blatchford AAA Edward Milne Guard9 Ivan Payabyab AAA Reynolds Guard10 Can Graham A Glenlyon Norfolk Guard11 Colton Bottaro AAA Esquimalt Forward12 Bryce Isfeld AAA Parkland ForwardCoach: Trevor Bligh AAA Edward Milne


All Star Classic history DateScore – Game MVP – High Scorer

April 16, 1988 Girls-North 72 South 65 Dana Little, NDSS Dana Little, 23

Boys-North 108 South 83 Kevin Jangula, Highland Mike Dejong, 19

April 15, 1989 Girls-South 65 North 47 Debbie Halliday, Lambrick Andrea Loukes, 14

Boys-North 88 South 76 Brett Nohr, NDSS Brett Nohr, 16

April 7, 1990 Girls-South 83 North 77 Lisa Craig, Cowichan Andrea Tomczyk 15

Boys-South 98 North 87 Marco Casagrande, Wellington Andy Wilmott, 23

April 13, 1991 Girls-South 86 North 69 Cathy Richardson, Cowichan Cathy Richardson, 21

Boys-South 118 North 90 Brendan Graves, Lambrick Bill McWhinnie, 20

March 28, 1992 Girls-South 85 North 51 Jody Oslund, Spectrum Jody Oslund, 17

Boys “B”-South 86 North 64 Troy Robinson, Spectrum Troy Robinson, 23

Boys “A”-South 100 North 85 Gary Edgar, NDSS Steve Nash, 17

April 17, 1993 Girls-North 72 South 63 Karen Davies, Barsby Karen Davies, 28

Boys “B”-North 100 South 71 Craig Hoover, Wellington Bengy Thorsen, 27

Boys “A”-South 101 North 92 Frank Markovic, Mt. Douglas Dave Fell, 21

April 9, 1994 Girls-South 87 North 47 Alexis Dunkley, Lambrick Kate Green, 14

Boys “B”-North 74- South 71 Travis Thompson, Alberni Bjorn Banke,13

Boys “A”-North 113 South 70 Greg Bateson, Carihi Greg Bateson, 30

April 8, 1995 Girls-South 82 North 73 Karen Edgell, SMUS Karen Edgell, 19

Boys “B”-North 98 South 94 OT Jason Davies, Dover Bay Ben Descoteau, 19

Boys “A”-North 115 South 96 Darryl Johnson, Alberni Mike Fidler, 26

April 6, 1996 Girls-South 82 North 59 Christine Rigby, Spectrum Christine Rigby, 31

Boys “B”-North 115 South 96 Clint Bailey, Chemainus Eric Baker, 25

Boys “A”-North 96 South 78 Steve MacDonald, Wellington Aaron Olson, 22

April 5, 1997 Girls-South 82 North 50 Carli Halpenny, Lambrick Carli Halpenny,23

Boys “B”-South 94 North 78 Matt Burton, Reynolds Matt Burton, 21

Boys “A”-South 109 North 72 Jeremy Green, Vic High Cam Stewart, 22

April 4, 1998 Girls-North 81 South 79 Allison Roberts, Dover Bay Melissa Chancey, 26

Boys “B”-North 95 South 79 Rob Holloway, Port Hardy Frank Crnkovic, 24

Boys”A”-North 108 South 85 Steve Ross, Lambrick Park Steve Ross, 31

April 3, 1999 Girls-South 91 North 79 Krystal O’Byrne, SMUS Krystal O’Byrne, 24

Boys “B”-South 79 North 75 Ryan Holloway, Port Hardy Tim Powers, 20

Boys “A”-North 81 South 76 Jason Tiffin, Spectrum Chris Marsh, 25

April 8, 2000 Girls-South 75 North 64 Brianna Payne, Belmont Brianna Payne, 14

Boys “B” -North 118 South 74 Steve Johnston, Timberline Lucas Goltz, 26

Boys “A”-South 97 North 93 Nathan Ashmead, Stelly’s Nathan Ashmead, 25

April 7, 2001 Girls-South 70 North 38 Lynelle McLean, Spectrum Lynelle McLean, 11

Boys “B”-North 87 South 69 Darb Dhillon, Woodlands Darb Dhillon, 18

Boys “A”-South 93 North 74 Chris McKay, Stelly’s Brandon Ellis, 22

April 6, 2002 Girls-North 65 South 56 Angel Mack, NDSS Angel Mack, 22

Boys “B”-South 93 North 72 Nolan Holmes, Mt. Douglas Eric Lequesne, 14

Boys “A”-North 86 South 79 Josh Berry, Timberline Matt Balchin, 23

April 5, 2003 Girls-South 76 North 54 Tory McGroarty, Mt. Douglas Maria Kirkbride, 17

Boys “B”-North 86 South 48 Sean Davis, Brentwood College Dustin Lambkin, 16

Boys “A”-North 71 South 64 Jordan Kinakin, Timberline Jordan Kinakin, 16

April 3, 2004 Girls-South 72 North 60 Kali Ellis, Mt. Douglas Natalie Doma, 24

Boys “B”-South 86 North 80 OT Julius Bonifacio, Reynolds Edgar Carlson, 29

Boys “A”-North 88 South 84 Henry Bui, Wellington Rajan Nirwan, 20

April 9, 2005 Girls-South 69 North 35 Filipa Filipi, Esquimalt Brooke Shilling, 14

Boys “B”-North 77 South 68 Julian Snellgrove, Brentwood Matt Brown, 14

Boys “A”-South 89 North 85 Ryan Davidson, Wellington Ryan Davidson, 30

April 1, 2006 Girls-South 95 North37 Kendall Allen, Lambrick Park Kendall Allen, 17

Boys “B”-North 86 South 82 Nick Adams, Ballenas Nick Adams, 25

Boys “A”-North 89 South 83 Siggi Skagfeld, Cedar Siggi Skagfeld, 24

April 7, 2007 Girls-South 65 North 56 Kelsey Anonsen, Lambrick Park Kady Dandeneau, 21

Boys “B”-North 85 South 75 Keenan Milburn, Mark Isfeld Keenan Milburn, 19

Boys “A”-South 108 North 102 OT  Eliot Rushton, Oak Bay Ryan McKinnon, 24

April 5, 2008 Girls-South 71-North 41 Christine Ireland, Stelly’s Leigh Stansfield, 12

Boys “B”-North 106-South 86 Bobby Byron, Gulf Islands Kirill Moisyeyev, 23

Boys “A”-North 115-South 90 Tyler Olsen, Mark Isfeld Kevin Pribilsky, 28

April 4, 2009 Girls-South 54-North 40 Elyse Matthews, Stelly’s Elyse Matthews, 15

Boys “B”-North 86-South 78 Rhys Hill, Alberni Rhys Hill, 15

Boys A”-North 105-South 94 Rylan Higginson, Highland Mukiya Post, 29

April 3, 2010 Girls-North 78-South 59 Chelsea Olsen, Mark Isfeld Jenna Carver, 17

Boys “B”-North 90-South 79 Ryan Davies, Wellington Ryan Davies, 14

Boys “A”-North 85-South 84 James Blandford, Stelly’s Harrison Stupich, 21

April 2, 2011 Girls-South 88-North 50 Sarah Rozendal, Stelly’s Rhea Ashmead, 18

Boys “B”-South87-North 86 Desmond Slack, Claremont Brett Armbrust, 24

Boys “A”-North 84-South 83 Jason McKee, Dover Bay Jason McKee, 16__

March 31, 2012 Girls-South 72-North 64 Tyger Holt, Lambrick Park Tyger Holt, 15

Boys “B”-North 84-South 76 Adrian Alonso, Gulf Islands Adrian Alonso, 28

Boys “A”-South 81-North 75 Jon Bethell, Dover Bay Jon Bethell, 22____

April 6, 2013 Girls-South 48-North 46 Abbey Piazza, SMUS Emma Cuningham, 14

Boys “B”-South 69-North 68 VR Xu, Esquimalt VR Xu, 15

Boys “A”-North79-South 70 Tanner Gresmak, Ladysmith Liam Horne, 21___

April 5, 2014 Girls-North 71-South 65 Victoria Brown, Wellington Victoria Brown, 20

Boys “B”- North 83-South 73 Sam Lewis, Highland Richard Girard, 22

Boys “A”-North 75-South 60 Cole Hutchings, Mark Isfeld Cole Hutchings, 21