New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller speaks to media during a COVID-19 update in Sydney, Monday, June 28, 2021. Two naked men were rescued by emergency services from an Australian forest after they were startled by a deer while nude sunbathing on a beach and became lost, police say. (Joel Carrett/AAP Image via AP)

Police rescue spooked nude sunbathers from Australian forest

Two ‘idiots’ fined, after getting lost after they were startled by a deer and ran into the woods


Craig Smith, right, a leap year baby featured in the March 1, 1972 edition of Juan de Fuca News Review, has been living in Brisbane, Australia since he was 18. He recalls the Olympic Mountains as one of the things he misses most about living in Victoria. (Courtesy of Craig Smith)

Where are they now? Leap year baby from 1974 living in Australia since 18

Gap year turns into new life path for 56-year-old


Residents of the Wellesley knitted 30 pouches and micro pouches for injured animals in Australia. (File contributed/ Stephanie Lumley)

Victoria retirement home residents knit pouches for animals burned in Australian wildfires

Members of the Wellesley crafted pouches and micro pouches for koalas, joeys, sugar babies and more