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Homefinder: Last of the Wilkinson South Valley lots

Real estate developer’s plots among the only land remaining in South Valley
Real estate agent Cathy Duncan holds an issue of the Saanich News from November

What was once dubbed the Valley of Despair is now Saanich’s South Valley of Success, says real estate agent Cathy Duncan.

Duncan has lived at 3898 Wilkinson Rd. since 1984 where her sloping property overlooks what is known as the South Valley area.

Hers is one of the final subdivisions; a one acre plot split into quarters. Duncan erected a home on one lot, and the remaining three are for sale starting at $349,900. The West Coast contemporary design scheme for each lot will result in end values between $900,000 and $1 million.

“We’ve come a long way and just look how beautiful the South Valley is! The arts and crafts rooflines and design elements fit so well with the land, it really is a great balance of natural landscape in a residential neighbourhood,” Duncan said.

Back then her view consisted of abandoned, fallow farmland in the urban containment boundary. Most of the houses that were there had irreparable septic systems.

“That was a long time ago now. The South Valley has since become a really strong home-shopper’s destination. The real estate just never devalued here, even during the (2008-09) downturn, our area seemed to hold its own and show increased value.

“This is not the Valley of Despair anymore. We’ve created a huge tax base for Saanich and the councillors were positive about the type of development that went in here during my rezoning application last year.”

Listings in the South Valley rarely go beyond 30 days, Duncan added.

“The demand has remained strong, people want to come here. The surrounding neighbours were afraid that development in the Valley would be a negative impact on their outlooks and nature, but its home to eagles, hawks, owls and other nesting birds. The neighbourhood is jammed packed at Halloween with kids from all over because of our sidewalks and friendly street scapes. As for the nature, I have a three-point buck that visits me daily and two geese who have taken up residence on my protected covenant area.”

The lots at 3898 Wilkinson are zoned for RS10 and are within Saanich’s Legal Suite area.





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