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Thai restaurant opens in Caddy Bay Village

A taste of Bangkok has come to the village with of "dream team" Thai chefs
Thai Lemongrass Restaurant
Preda Magsri shows off a lunch specials in the Thai Lemongrass Restaurant.

A taste of Bangkok has come to the village.

George Molnar, along with his staff at Thai Lemongrass in Cadboro Bay have been run off their feet, serving up to 90 lunches daily since the eatery opened on Sept. 7.

Molnar, restaurant controller, is now hiring more servers to meet the demand.

Front-of-house staff will join Molnar’s “dream team” of professionals, he said, including head chef Kachen and assistant chef, Molnar’s wife Tiu, as well as two other chefs who have been trained at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok and have 12 to 18 years experience.

“They’re all professionals and they know what they’re doing,” Molnar said. “They know exactly what they’re doing and like doing it. We let them create.”

Two personal favourites of Hungarian-born Molnar reflects the diversity on the menu: the classic pad thai and a Thai-style lamb dish.

“We’ve been very busy and can’t find a seat most nights,” said the restaurateur. “We’ve been greatly accepted.”

Thai Lemongrass is open through the week for lunch and dinner.

“The area lent itself to a restaurant, especially for Thai food,” he said. “People were looking forward to a good, consistent restaurant: good food, good prices and it looks like it has been accepted just as such.

“The response from the locals has been enormous. We’re very grateful.”

Thai Lemongrass is located across from Pepper’s at 3838 Cadboro Bay Rd.