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Victoria company looks to unlock power of Canadian chickpeas for new plant-based products

Not-for-profit Protein Industries Canada has invested $2.8 million in the project.
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A plant-based product company in Victoria is looking to strengthen Canada’s leadership in plant-based foods with the power of chickpeas.

Humble and Frank Foods has partnered with InnovoPro and The Star Group to research and test chickpea ingredients and proteins in a variety of consumer-ready plant-based food products.

Not-for-profit Protein Industries Canada has invested $2.8 million in the project.

Canada is a leading grower and one of the largest exporters of chickpea, but chickpea protein is a new ingredient that has not yet reached its full potential in Canadian food products, a joint news release said.

The three companies said that they hope to create protein-packed salad dressings, sauces, breading, frozen desserts and other protein alternatives made from homegrown chickpeas.

As demand and interest in plant-based alternatives continues to grow, Protein Industries Canada and industry partners have invested more than $480 million into growing Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredient sector. The group’s goal is to grow Canada’s plant-based food sector to $25 billion a year by 2035, supported by 17,000 jobs.

“Our consortium team is dreaming big, and we are packing plant-based, Canadian chickpea protein into your favourite foods for a delicious and sustainable taste – season, sprinkle, marinate and sauce it up,” said Humble and Frank Foods president Megan Du Preez.

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