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Colwood unveils massive upgrade to popular park staircase

Upgrades include slip-proof metal steps, metal handrails and raised design
Colwood Coun. Michael Baxter says Latoria Creek Park is now more enjoyable and safe to take a stroll through due to the latest upgrades completed on the staircase. (Aaron Guillen/News Staff)

Slips and falls are less likely to happen at a Colwood park thanks to the replacement of an aging and rotting staircase.

Latoria Creek Park has been given the star treatment for residents looking to walk, jog or meander through the forest.

Four long sets of nature stairs now include slip-proof metal steps. The elevated staircase also allows for better air flow to slow the rotting process, and metal handrails to prevent splinters.

“It had a number of problems for many years and staff suggested that a significant rebuild was needed,” said Colwood Coun. Michael Baxter. “These stairs will last a long time. It’s not too far from where I live, and it’s one of my favourite walking spots around.”

The stairs were replaced after a 2018 inspection revealed that the structure was compromised. Colwood locked down a Canada Infrastructure grant to cover 73 per cent of the cost.

As the Royal Bay neighborhood grows, new connections into Latoria Creek Park and an additional 17 acres of park space are planned.

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